A special service is available to those who own residential or commercial real estate valued at at least 3 million euros or with at least 30 units: The INTEGO real estate analysis.


This analysis has until now been available only to institutional investors. It provides ideal transparency on the state of your current real estate assets. It enables you to check how far your real estate portfolio is achieving its investment targets, and it also enables you to better gauge the risk concerning individual objects as well as to the overall asset. Inheritance management is also greatly simplified.



An overview of the services from INTEGO:

      • You get a comprehensive inventory of your portfolio and an analysis of your personal real estate assets (location, technology, payment flows, non-occupancy, market values, administration).
      • Identification of potential value increases and risks.
      • Our plans of action provide you with the ideal decision-making information required for each real estate object. You also receive guidance, in line with your specific investment targets, on optimising the value of your real estate.
      • We use scenario modelling to portray effects on the value and risk of your properties.



INTEGO Real Estate Analysis




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