Jürgen Probst Unternehmensberatung

The global market has also changed the real estate sector in Germany. We may have coped better than others with the financial crisis but care still needs to be taken even when development appears to be a guaranteed safe bet.


For 25 years I have been operating independently within the branch. My approach has changed little in this time. I am more convinced than ever that an asset manager can only responsibly manage the assets of others when he has been successful in generating them for himself. Trustworthiness, loyalty and dependability are values that have guided me to becoming CEO of one of Europe's major real estate companies. I also place a high priority on these values in the field of sales.


You benefit today from my knowledge, experience and especially a network of trust that extends way beyond the real estate sector. As a change manager, I am also happy to assist you in setting new future courses.

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