Social commitmentAWO Rheinlandstiftung

The AWO Rheinlandstiftung is a local foundation for the Workers' Welfare Association (AWO Bezirksverband Mittlerhein e.V.). It campaigns against child and youth poverty in the Rhineland through projects funded by donations and interest accrued from its foundation capital. The projects mainly concern day-care and youth centres located in socially disadvantaged areas and that do not receive, or no longer receive, public funding but do improve the equal opportunities of disadvantaged and needy children and young adults. Included here are language courses, holiday schemes, children's libraries, anti-aggression training, music and dance projects, sports equipment and much more.


Kölner Grün Stiftung
The "Kölner Grün Stiftung" is a not for profit foundation for the upkeep and improvement of Cologne's historical green spaces. It has the role of coordinator between businesses, citizens and private initiatives. With help from politicians and the local authority, the foundation aims to transform neglected spaces into green areas for the enjoyment of families. The "Kölner Grün Stiftung" raises awareness and supports local activities to save a unique cultural asset that enhances leisure time and quality of life. The high quality of the projects is assured through the founding donors, the management board and the board of trustees.


Lebenshilfe Köln e.V.
The birth of a handicapped child can radically change the life of a family. The fact that a person with a mental or physical handicap belongs to a family means that parents and siblings are constantly confronted with the difficulties of managing both providing care and leading their own lives. Advice and support at home can help daily life and raise contentment for all family members. Exchanging experiences with other families and the mutual support of parent self-help groups provides the energy and courage needed for day to day life. The "Lebenshilfe Köln" supports families in such situations.