Sales In comparison to the fragile and jittery financial markets, a conservative, long-term growth in assets based on real estate offers greater security.

Germany's stable market and careful lending policies also promote investment in material assets. There is no real estate bubble in Germany. The conditions are therefore excellent providing you have an expert advisor on hand who has precise knowledge of the market.


Take the opportunities for success being offered by the real estate market. You're welcome to use our expert approach.
For 25 years I have focused on prime locations such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and Bonn. If you wish to acquire real estate in these regions, you will benefit from a network that has grown over many years of close collaboration. Whatever you are planning, it's not about having a good real estate agent on hand but also about having somebody who can open doors - to the local authorities, to the heads of the councils and planning committees, and to local banks and building societies.


The Jürgen Probst Unternehmensberatung does not just provide swift and secure real estate purchasing services but also real estate sales and financing.



You wish to sell:

      • Market assessment and valuation of your real estate
      • Introduction to a range of real estate agents for achieving a sale
      • Or successful placement via my personal network and its associated banking institutions


You wish to purchase:

      • Market assessment and opportunity/risk profiling concerning future developments
      • Defining the indicators for a required real estate
      • Surveying the market and providing potential properties


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